Concerns Regarding Radon Poisoning

Radon in home

Radon is a chemically inert radioactive element that exists as a gas. In the periodic table, radon is placed amongst the noble gases establishing that radon is chemically inert and does not readily bond or react with other elements. Radon is a naturally existing element, therefore, it cannot be produced commercially. The most common sources of radon include the breakdown of Uranium, Thorium, Plutonium and Radium. An outrageous fact about radon and its sources is that the disintegration of radon itself is a source of radon poisoning. When radon undergoes radioactive decay its identity changes during the mobility and shifting of electrons from one orbit to another a part of the radiation is yielded. The new element formed due to the new placement of electron is called the radon daughter component.

Important Facts:

It is a commonly known fact that radioactive elements are found deep down underneath the surface of the earth. And since radon is produced due the decomposition of these elements therefore naturally radon is present underground. Another important factor about radioactive elements is that they are highly permeable. They have the ability to pass through even the thickest blocks of concrete. Therefore this radon permeates and passes through the ground and reaches the surface of the earth.

Now the important question that arises is that how does this radon threaten my health. All this Radon in home is very dangerous because it is listed as a deadly and silent carcinogen which is responsible for taking 21,000 lives due to lung cancer in non-smokers. It either enters your body via the nasal cavity when you breathe in radon contaminated air or through the mouth when you consume water containing high concentrations of radon.

Fear of radon gas:

The next concern that is raised commonly is that how do I know that Radon in home ornot?Well, the detection of radon is very difficult due to its discrete characteristics. Therefore it is nearly impossible to be sure of radon poisoning in your surroundings without the aid of a radon detection test. The radon detection tests are easily available in the market and may even be ordered online. If you feel you are incompetent and cannot perform the detection test yourself, don’t worry. There are professional services and companies which can be hired to perform the test for you. There are many options available when it comes to these radon tests and you are free to choose the one which fits your requirement.

Lastly, people often ask, “I found increased fixations of Radon in home, what I should do next?” You do not need to panic. There is a set of procedures that are called “Radon Mitigation” that is dedicated to decreasing the radon concentration in your surroundings. The radon mitigation techniques again vary and many options are available in the market to choose from. You may choose any method depending on your needs, external factors such as architecture if the building and climatic changes etc. as well as on the severity of the problem.