The Role of Car Accident Attorney in Compensation Evaluation

The effective role of the car accident attorney in the evaluation of compensation sum is considered to be very important for the benefit of the accident victim. The parameters considered for evaluation are generally intensity of injury and its future effects, present health condition of the victim, accumulated expenses, trauma and losses suffered since accident etc. The other factors which make a good case for auto accident are dependent on the strength of evidence and the testimonials of witnesses, skilful interpretation and presentation of the case by the car accident attorney and the strength and susceptibility of the defendant’s truck accident attorney (considering the case of an automobile and truck collision).  The claimant can search for an experienced attorney in the social media like the facebook where he can get plenty of good leads.

 Compensation Claim Evaluation by Car Accident Attorney

  • The first parameter to be considered is the intensity of injury and its future effects. If the medical reports say that it can get healed within a specific time, the attorney considers a specific method of evaluation. If it takes too long to heal and the possibility of worsening condition does exist, the evaluation parameters will vary. They are dependent on the interpretation of medical and financial terms by the attorney.
  • Present health condition of the victim is the second important parameter. If he is unable to take care of himself (eating, dressing, eliminating etc) and needs help, the attorney needs to consider the involved expenses for the estimated period. The costs of medication and treatments during recovery also need to be considered.
  • The sum of accumulated expenses since the accident, including medication, legal, hospitalization and other related ones need to be considered.
  • Losses suffered by the victim include net income (salary and other sources) since the accident till present day as well as in the future (the estimated period will be evaluated by the car accident attorney in consultation with the medical expert).

After evaluating these and other factors deemed applicable, the car accident attorney will be able to prepare a detailed estimation report. This will be the official document to be presented in the court of law.

Battle of the Attorneys and the Course of Trial

The acid test for the car accident attorney waits at the court of law, once the trial starts. He might start with the presentation of his case by citing evidences, interviewing witnesses and linking the present condition of the victim with the liability of the defendant.

  • For this he needs to have sound knowledge of the personal injury law and its sections.
  • He needs to prove the guilt of the defendant based on the circumstantial and other forms of evidence and testimonials of the witnesses.
  • He needs to disprove the strong case representation by the defendant truck accident attorney based on his own set of evidences and witnesses.
  • He needs to stake the claim for insurance compensation and fight it out with the defending attorney who might be supported by the insurance company also.
  • Once he is able to convince the jury about the liability of defendant and the insurance company to pay the compensation, the victim has the probability of getting the judgment and compensation settlement in his favor.