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Basic Facts on Sword Parts

There are some basic and main parts which are present in these Damascus steel swords. Here is the complete explanation of these sword parts. Each of these sword parts carries out and complete their own set of distinctive functions. Have a look at the details and explanation of these main and basic sword parts:


First, we have pommel part. This part of a sword is mainly located at the rear end side of the sword. While you will hold this sword part, you will no longer feel the weight of the sword. By holding this part pommel, you will not feel that you are holding a heavier sword. This part pommel mainly acts as a kind of counterweight option. That means your hands can easily hold any of the swords of any weight. If your sword will have heavy blades then it will be attached to heavy pommel. On the other hand, if your sword comes with lighter weight blades then it will obviously be attached to lighter weight pommel.


Then we have to handle part which is accompanied by any sword type! It is through this handle part that you hold and carry any sword. You can call this part with the name of grip. All swords consist of guard part too. It is usually the metal part that protects your hands. This part is present in between handle and sword blade. This part is made in all swords so that your hands and fingers can remain secured while holding and carrying swords. This part comes in a simple form and usually made in a flat in shape cross piece form.


Next one is hilt part! This part is primarily the combination of pommel as well as handle and guard. If you have placed a sword in a scabbard then the only thing which you will see and notice is this hilt. This is the visible part of any sword.


This blade is an important and functional part of any sword. In the middle section of any sword, you will find and notice tang, tang shoulder, forte and foible part. This blade is an essential part of any sword. Blades are made of steels and used for cutting purpose. Usually, sword blades consist of two basic parts. One part of the blade is the visible one. The other part of sword blade is normally not visible. This invisible part is present inside the handle and pommel. For the information, this visible part of the blade is further divided into three sections. Forte section is located near to the hilt. Then we have middle blade section and foible blade section is located near to the tip side. Some of the sword blades have these grooves runnings in a lengthwise form. These grooves running are termed as fillers.

So these are some valid facts on sword parts. We will sooner share some valid facts on Damascus wedding band and a complete guide to buy and get them.