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How to Final My Bike

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Finalizing a bike can be a tough thing to do when you’ve so many beautiful options lying in front of you. It isn’t easy to suggest yourself the best option among all the other best options. But, if you know few important tips then process of buying a bike wouldn’t be as difficult as it seems.

Here’s how to buy a brand new motorcycle.

What To Expect

Expect the salesman telling you how awesome you’ll look once you’ll sit on that Bike X, and how great of an outlook will you radiate once you kick it off for a start. Ignore all his sugar-coating crap because all he’s trying to do is to make a sale and earn a few dollars, and for that he’s said all that.

Also, expect that salesman dispatching on you some completely false facts, like the bike being not available after a certain period of time or how this bike has an extended warranty. Ignore all that, because that’s not something so special, any bike you’ll find will contain extended warranty.

What You Need To Know

Know that whenever you appear for buying a bike, it’s important for you to know the actual specs, price and performance of that bike. The salespeople themselves are often under informed so don’t assume they are experts because they aren’t. They’ve been assigned with a task of just selling things, and the last thing should you be careful about is that they can dispatch a bike to you in the wrong price.

Make sure you’re aware about the insurance cost of that bike. Make sure you know your budget too.

There are a lot of costs beyond just the bike’s purchase price like Riding Gear, Dealer Fees ($300 – $1,000), Sales Tax and Title Transfer.

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Common Sense Advice

  • Plan insurance ahead of time.
  • Take with you an experienced friend or a mechanic that checks all the technical aspects of the bike you’re up to purchase.
  • Test the bike and ride it before buying it.
  • Take your riding gears with you.

The Finishing Pitch

This isn’t same like purchasing a house or so, it’s a technical aspect of your life that you’re buying so a concentrated checking is needed here. One wrong piece attached to the bike and it will ruin the entire integration of the bike. Sensitive overlooking will be needed before you finalize yourself with the best bike.