Criteria For Construction Workers To Remain Safer During Summer

What should these general contractor Queens do as soon as they notice that warm weather is approaching up? We can guide you. Right with the arrival of warm weather, it is much crucial and important for these contractors to start thinking of ways that how can they keep themselves safer. Remain as much safe from this hot summer heat as you can. Do not involve yourself in any kind of health risks. We know that construction workers have to work right under the blazing sun for hours and hours. Do not comprise on your health. Stay safe even if you are in the profession line of construction.

Keep a Water Bottle Along With You

A general contractor in Queens NY should keep a water bottle along with him. Be it a simple water or be it some liquid juice. Whenever you feel thirsty during work then take out this water bottle and have it! Never dehydrate yourself. Keep a water at an easy and convenient access to you all the time. After each and every 15 minutes time gap, construction workers should drink water. Remain to stay away from heat stroke. Drinking enough water will keep you proper and complete energy all day long. Try not to drink soda drinks or energy drinks. These are carbonated drinks. They are useless. Your drink has to be a simple water or it can be lime water. Go for cool drinks. Avoid having room temperature drinks.

Do Not Eat Greasy Foods While You Are Working

These construction workers should not eat greasy foods as long as you are doing a construction work. Have the right food on your plate. Stay away from having high-fat foods. Greasy foods will make construction workers get tired and exhausted. During your construction tasks, you should take lighter meals for yourself. Especially during the hottest hour, you need to go for light meals and snacks. If a construction worker will have heavier food as his meal then these heavier meals will automatically drain his energy level. It is important for you to keep alert during afternoon tasks. Taking light meals will keep you alert and active for sure. Taking light lunch will also minimize your exhaustion and fatigue level.

Get Eight Hours Sleep During Night

Those construction workers who do an extreme level of work during daytime, it is essential for them to get proper 8 hours sleep. Try to sleep in a cool and dark room. Do not sleep in a hot and warm room. Avoid air-conditioned rooms as well. You should not repeatedly go into air-conditioned rooms. These air-conditioned rooms will make it difficult for you to get a sleep in that room. Adjust the temperature of your sleeping room. Your room should neither be that much hotter nor should be that much cold.

Calling 911

Lastly, if you see any construction worker falling prey to heat stroke then you should immediately call 911. Reduce this heat stress as much as you can. Signs of heat stroke are hot skin, sweating and mental confusion and also a loss of consciousness, heat cramps. It is too imperative for you to follow the regulated amount of training and guidelines which are set forth by the construction industry for the protection and safety of workers. Another concept is about fall protection. It is normally recommended that four feet fall protection is given to general workers. Five feet fall protection is given to the workers working at shipyards. Six feet fall protection is given to the construction industry workers. Eight feet fall protection is provided to the workers who are doing long-shoring operations.

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